Kinsman Redeemer

A Tale of High Adventure in 1013

By Ruth Anderson Lawler

A promise pact on parchment was made in 1009 between the Englishman Lord Harold of Rockhaven Castle and Kormac the Dane. It disappeared. When the Danish king, Svein Forkbeard, arrived at Rockhaven in the spring of 1013, he bore an altered version of the parchment naming him as recipient of those promises. This deception puts Rockhaven and Kormac’s estate, plus the lives of 250 English soldiers, in jeopardy. Suddenly, Lord Harold’s ward, Wiley, thirteen-year-old “Son of Nobody,” becomes a target for Forkbeard’s battle-ax.

Recognized by two Danish strangers, Wiley flees for his life and the parchment disappears again. Faced with mysteries about his past and a lady living underground, the boy wishes for knowledge about his uncertain future and two upcoming wars. Aided by his friends, Thoren, a Norwegian Viking; Anatoley, an alchemist with Greek fire; Toadskin the dwarf; and his best friend, Luke, Wiley tackles many obstacles with grit, wits, and courage. His unexpected allies, Forkbeard’s sister-in-law, Lady Freya, and his seventeen-year-old son, Knute, future king of England, strengthen Wiley’s resolve to discover the truth as he gains insight into God’s foreknowledge.

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