11/8/2016 |

Greek Fire: The Flame That Reigned the Sea

The sun set for Antiquity, and twilight loomed over the Roman Empire. Its western half has fallen to the nomadic hordes—the Vandals having sacked the city of Rome itself on 455 AD. The center of the civilized world shifted to the east, where the Greek-speaking Romans (Byzantines) continued to rule the empire in their capital … Continued

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11/1/2016 |

Danegeld: England’s Ransom to the Vikings

England’s history is rife with conflict, especially during the Viking Age. In that era, hairy and scary foreign men raided and raped. Bearded berserkers, while wielding axes to cleave and spears to thrust, ransacked towns then rowed away on their loot-filled longboats before the local lords could mount a defense. Indeed, any army they dispatched … Continued

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